This has been Flexwatch.

The model I’m going to introduce today is

The combination of Rolex Yacht Master 2 is 116681.

Brand: Lorex

Product name: Yacht Master2 Combination 116681

Size: 44 mm

Movement: 레플리카 Automatic

Dial: White Plate

Braceslet: 18K Gold, Steel

Year: January 18, 2018 Overseas

Condition: Grade S
Since its first release in 2007, with a changed design and movement renewal.

It has a more luxurious and eye-catching appearance than the previous line.

Benz Hands is a hotter model in the summer season, but it’s hard to get it in the summer and it’s a precious product.

Yachtmaster 2 is a model located at the top of the Rolex Professional Sports Watch line.

The perfectly new design of the yacht master 2 comes in not only size but also

The modern design has once again solidified the collection’s position in the Rolex professional line.
First of all, if I explain the design of the model, you must have seen the design a lot because it is a very famous model.

Compared to the old model, the difference in design difference hands is the biggest difference.

I thought Blue was pretty, but as I kept looking at it, I became more attracted to the Mercedes-Benz hands of Gold.

The one-way rotating bezel that expresses the color of the blue sea has vivid blue colors.

The first noticeable change.
Lorex Yacht Master 2 Case diameter 44 mm, boasting the largest size among the sports lines.

If you don’t like to wear big watches, I recommend you to those with wrists over 19.

Compared to the previous Blue Hands model, Benz Hands is the model with the glow of the hands.

So I think the utilization will be better.
Yachtmaster 2 is an Oyster band that has 11.5 bands, unlike 12.5 in the normal professional line.

It is the largest model among Rolex Watch.​​

The most distinctive feature of Yachtmaster 2 is the regatta function.

Regatta will help the skipper get the best position on the starting line at the yacht competition.

It means a watch that provides ‘yacht countdown function’.

As a mechanical memory function, you can set the countdown from 1 minute to 10 minutes before the yacht competition starts.

Turn the bezel to the left, press the push button, and turn the head to set the regatta countdown time.
The crown is also beautifully engraved.

The winding crown has a screw-down, triple lock triple waterproof system.

It can be waterproof up to 100 meters.

Along with 18k rose gold material applied to bezel and braslet

The number counting and naming engraved on the ceramic bezel are also rose gold coated.

Small Seconds, Earl Ahnes, and Indexeduri also used rose gold.

By using it, the details have very luxurious characteristics.
The back bag is made of a solid bag, and in the case of the coin box, there are imprints of Rolex and materials all over the place.

This is a folding safety class lock with anti-release function.

Breslet is a combination of Oyster Steel and Everrose 18k gold.

It’s a perfect watch, including Easylink, which can easily extend or shorten the length of the bracelets.

This has been Flexwatch.

I thought it would be better to watch a video than to see a picture of the clock.

I’ll give you a link to the YouTube video.

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