Zero Ages Are Just Unsettling to Reduce Living Costs

Everything in the world is finite. Work life is. We retire someday. 65 years old, we retire, so it’s too early for 100 years old. So we have to prepare for retirement. We have to start studying now with the idea that asset management is 폰테크 also a financial technology.

I know your retirement… what’s your retirement? Friday off? I think you’re in a mood. The withdrawal in this book can be found through the ‘Study for the Right Now’, which is a transfer of investment know-how of low interest rate investors written by financial journalists.

Until recently, the word “breeding” was popular, but now the word “fire” is spreading among young people. People who are young and want to retire early through economic independence are called the Fire. I read “Study for the Right Now” and then I prepared to retire.

Reporter Cho Eun-a, who wrote this book, says that he is interested in the low voices of the marginalized, such as financial underdogs who have moved away from various economic knowledge. He said he wrote this book, dreaming of contributing to fixing the ‘delayed playground’.

This book is not a story of a successful person’s investment

In fact, there are a lot of things that many people are doing, or that can be a honey tip, and if you were interested in finance, I do not know if there are many things you know. But I hope you read it, because it’s a book for people in their 30s and 40s who are preparing to retire, so I don’t know if they’re talking about it a little more realistically.

Now, if you’re in your 30s, you’re going to have to start preparing for your retirement. I didn’t get ready until I was thirty. But I am not half a hundred years old yet, so I am preparing harder as late as possible.

In this book, I first organized how to manage the pension, which is called the “pay of old age.” It may be the core of retirement funds. If you lose your salary, the most salaried (?) will be your pension?

I’m telling you very much about the characteristics and management of pensions. Start with pensions. Pensions are not simple because they vary. Even if you manage your pension, you have a comfortable old age.

According to a survey by the Center for Happiness Research, the average monthly living cost of retirees is over 2.5 million won, and even if they retire, they have to secure 2.5 million won. Therefore, the basic plan for retirement preparation is pension.

First of all, I will look at the national pension. There are various types of subscribers such as workplace subscribers, local subscribers, voluntary subscribers, and voluntary subscribers. If I am already a pensioner, I need to know in advance how much I will receive every month from the age of 65.

I’ve had three-line summaries every time, so I’ve been able to check it again. Many people are unemployed. It is important to check this part and adjust it so that it does not puncture the living expenses.

These days, workers sign up for retirement pensions. You should check this carefully so you don’t get betrayed. But don’t worry, because this book is giving you a detailed description. Now, if the age peak is imminent, it’s advantageous to switch to DC.

If you have a house, it can be a way to make good use of the housing pension. Low interest rates and low growth have made it difficult to raise old-age living expenses. At this time, if you use the housing pension properly, you can live a wise and lucid life.

I’d like to get a real estate pension the most, and this book also explains the Ritz, which invests in real estate in small sums. I’m introducing a number of asset management techniques that I can try.

If you are well prepared for retirement, you need to know about various asset management laws such as stocks, Pundon Tech, tax cuts, funds, real estate guides as well as pensions. It is a book that is very easy to write because it is a novice investment book.

If you increase your small but solid profits with your income assets, you will be able to make a stable retirement, which is why you should prepare for your retirement, not retirement. If you are anxious to rely on your pension, please study other financial technologies together.

It is a teacher-like book that tells people who are preparing for retirement in the economy era, from basic asset investment formula to how to reduce risk through tax and loan management. I’m studying the fund, too. I’m not going to hit a jackpot in one place, but I’m looking forward to a big hit in many places.

It would be nice to make a lot of money, but reducing taxes can be said to be making money as a result.

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