I will take the view that it will not go on

In the 23rd round of the home game against Osasuna, Levante lost 0-1.
Levante, who has been aggressive this season, is true to have played an aggressive 스포츠중계 game.
But they did not produce the results.
He failed to continue his recent undefeated march.
Although he continues to run defensively, the score that covers it is steadily appearing,
It is a disappointing result for Levante, who was undefeated.
Still, Molares and Marti Roger continue to perform well this season.
It will be hard to overcome AT Madrid’s defense, but they are still well equipped to show one shot each.
If you are in one shot, there is a good chance that you will produce unexpected results considering Levante’s ability to attack.
4-4-2 tactics and 4-2-3-1 tactics are properly mixed and show aggressive or defensive tactical changes.
The combination of the breakthrough of the dribbler Morales and the typical catcher, Roger, is good.
It is a big burden that the center backs deal with teams that look good.
Defensively, Duarte’s return increased his sense of stability, but the side that controls the speed is somewhat
The side can be a burden because of weakness.
Still, Levante is making his own achievements with four wins, five draws and two losses in home games this season.
The fact that you are showing is enough to have good expectations.
The part where the key MFs, Buccevic and Campagna, have been injured, is expected to be power leaks

In the 23rd round of the Granada away game, AT Madrid won 1-2.

AT Madrid, who had a series of runs against Celta Vigo before that,

He showed good performance and caught the victory.

There have been good offensive trends that have scored multi-scoring in the last six consecutive games.

Correa and Suarez Juan Felix Yorente are in very good shape.

You can expect Suarez’s good performance in this game as well.

However, Felix and Lema Erera, who have been confirmed to be corona positive, are likely to miss.

It is a situation where we have to play the weekday game, so the burden can continue.

Full-back Trippier is still in disciplinary action and center-back Jimenez has been injured.

However, defensive Savichi and Felipe are strong, and Ermoso can be used as a backstreet,

You can have good expectations because you are holding on.

Especially, the tactical flow through the rotation of Yorente and Saul is good.

This is one of the factors that AT Madrid has been on the rise since turning to Baxley.

It is expected that we will be able to expect stable performance in this game.

Levante is looking better than expected for the offensive team this season.

The fact that it is not pushed out of the initiative is because it mixes forward pressure to some extent effectively.

There are enough factors to harass AT Madrid because it does not play a game that has fallen unconditionally like the past.

The problem is defensive power – the defensive part is a burden on every game.

Although it is aggressively solving this, this game deals with a team that shows good performance defensively.

Levante looks fine at home but it doesn’t seem easy to get past AT Madrid.

It is Levante, who is in the top 10 of the league with the Spanish La Liga scoring 22 rounds [6 wins, 9 draws and 7 losses] in the 2020/21 season. In order to show good play in this game, Levante is continuing to have a good flow at home, but he emphasizes that it will be a burdensome game to face AT Madrid personally, so Levante is a game that will be able to watch how to shake AT Madrid through counterattack tactics after defense with more concentration play in defense itself. In fact, as Levante also feels a physical burden in the wake of the injury colonization of [Gonzalu Melero-Hosse Campaa-Nikola Vuksevici] I think it will lead to a difficult game.

Revante, who returns home, remembers that he is shaking more recently, with a lot of schedules, and he emphasizes that it will be difficult to aggressively play against AT Madrid to show good play, so he is centered on Huben Bezu-Oscar Duarte-Rover Pierre’s defenses rather than 3-1-4-2 formation tactics It is hoped that Levante will be able to shake AT Madrid through counterattack tactics rather than aggressively playing against AT Madrid in the middle of Nemanja Ladoya-Tono-Ruben Rochaina as a more defensive game, and that Levante is a team that changes as much as home. Levante will also emphasize that it will not be easy to get ahead of AT Madrid in a physical exhaustion

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