I think the assist shot did its part

Hundreds of thousands of bubbles appear at West Ham United’s home stadium, London Stadium, along with the cheering song “I’m forever blooming bubbles” before kick-off. This is West Ham’s own tradition and culture, 스포츠중계 the first time I’ve seen it in a long time since the movie “Hooligans” was seen as a child.

However, the bubbles were all burst by the River Bird. The bubbles in the Hammers were not as hard as I thought. It was West Ham, which has been performing best this season, but it was helpless in front of Liverpool, who showed off his invincible force when he came to London. (Actually, this season’s performance against the London club is good (6 wins, 1 draw))

It was a 1:30 a.m. game on Monday, but it was something I would never regret. This is because the joy of victory soothed the tiredness. Let’s replay the game at the London Stadium, where the fog gently sank, turning the happiness circuit.

There has been a slight change in the starting lineup. Nathaniel Phillips was the first defender, and Divock Origi and Jordan Shakiri were the first strikers in a long time. The midfielder was assigned to the third line by Beinaldum to supply the ball, and Thiago and Milner covered the entire midfielder’s area through active activity. Of course, the three midfielders occasionally switched and made a half-space move.

Liverpool attacked their opponents through side attacks. In particular, he struggled West Ham defender Dawson and Kupal, mainly saving the left flank. As Liverpool’s fullback continued to attack the side, West Ham had no choice but to weigh on defense to defend it, but even strikers had difficulty developing the attack. Liverpool also continued to press West Ham, killing West Ham’s passing timing, and neutralizing the tempo of the attack.

The player who stood out in the first half when there was nothing more to see than expected was Liverpool defender Nathaniel Phillips. Phillips’ defensive stability, ball contention, provisional rights, and clearings helped lead West Ham’s offense to a scoreless first half, particularly against Antonio. Phillips also played well in the first half of the match against West Ham, but manager Klopp’s vision and resourcefulness, who caught Philips’ strength against a long-balled team and started the game.

Liverpool made the replacement early in the day as the midfielder’s mobility and sophistication of attacking the half-space were reduced. Veteran James Milner was out, and prospect Curtis Jones came in. A funny happening took place here, and Milner, who had been questioning the early replacement, went to manager Klopp with a awkward smile when Jones was involved in the goal less than a minute after he was put in. I can’t forget the look in Milner’s eyes.LOL)

In the 55th minute of the second half, Salah controlled the ball that Curtis Jones gave to the right side and went into the opponent’s penalty box. Salah wound his left foot with two opposing defenders in front of him, and the ball was drawn into the goal line. It was a real Sala-like goal. Salah broke the league scoreless score in six league games after the Crystal Palace match, and achieved his 14th goal in the league and 20 goals in four consecutive seasons.

West Ham wanted to change the atmosphere by making changes immediately after losing points and raising the defense line. As he had strength in the right to provide, he wanted to make a set piece like a corner kick situation to aim for an equalizer. However, in the 67th minute of the second half, Liverpool, who stole West Ham’s corner kick, made a quick counterattack and scored an additional goal. Arnold gave a long pass to Shakiri, who ran across the left flank, and Shakiri also gave a non-stop long pass to Salah in front. Salah trapped with his right foot and kicked lightly into the goal with his left foot. It was a great scene that would only be featured in a counterattack special, to the point of exclamation

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