You will be able to find special marketing content.

There is often a misunderstanding about marketing. I know that marketing is good at promoting and selling goods. Whether it’s a big business or a small business, the goal is to make a profit by selling goods or services. Therefore, they actively promote their products and services.

That’s true. But the only way to market well is not to find fancy words, writing skills, and keywords, but just one technology. It’s the idea of ‘reverse ground.’

Anyone can say it easily, but it is never easy to practice the spirit of ‘reverse mind’.

Why is it important to understand the other person’s position and thoughts? I stopped by the store to buy healthy food. When a clerk approaches and explains what this product is like and what that product is like, the head becomes complicated. At that time, if you understand how I wanted to buy red ginseng products and tell me about the products that I wanted to find, I would listen to it better and buy the products because it is the information I was looking for.

Of course, in order to do that, the seller will have to observe me with interest in which side I am interested in.

There are two types of stores when ordinary people visit. One is to go to the clerk and ask for the location of the item you are looking for. Second, I go directly to the stand of what I want to find. Customers who ask the clerk usually have exactly what they want to find, and the second type is not accurate, but it is to find the right item in the category of the item.

Two different types of marketing will have to map out strategies.

But there is something more important 백링크 than that. It is to understand the customer’s mood or situation. You have to buy a customer’s favor rather than sell a product to break down your guard and talk to the seller. Only then can the purchase be converted.

Not long ago, the rental housing, washing machines, dryers, and even the 5G Internet were installed and set up, but it didn’t go well.

I asked the guest who didn’t choose when I came to see the room.

“What did you lack? I’m going to make up for it.” He’s already given up on his choices, so I’m honest with him about his shortcomings.

There is no TV, and the kitchen ventilation system is weak.

The kitchen ventilation system decided to change to a high specification, and I didn’t feel much of the need for TV because I didn’t watch TV and could find it on my computer if necessary. I thought it might be something that the tenant should buy.

But when I think about it, TV is a must-have item. Of course, it may not be necessary for other customers. It would be the same reason why nice furniture and home appliances were installed in the model house. People decide by looking at the state of others’ decorations. We decided to install the wall-mounted TV right away.

In offline stores, we can understand the customer’s gestures, behavior, speech, and atmosphere and understand them sensibly from the customer’s point of view, what should we do online? What would be the most effective situation if you had to write to an unspecified customer and sell your product or service?

It is a strategy that often uses keywords well to make you get caught in the search (high-level exposure) and to make potential customers choose by writing detailed articles. That’s a good way. Moreover, what is more effective is the best marketing for writing to think about potential customers and scratch the itch. It’s easy to say, but it’s never easy.

If you have a deep concern about “the thought that customers are buying products, not selling products, and whether you want to be a customer and choose your products,” you start to think about customers.

If you get sympathy through honest and likable writing and information that scraps your back from the perspective of the buyer, not by fancy writing skills, that will be the online word and content that brings you a purchase conversion.

If you think, act, and market in a ‘reverse mind’ situation, you will definitely find your own special marketing content.

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